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Maryland Addiction Consultation Service (MACS)

MACS provides support to primary care and specialty prescribers across Maryland in the identification and treatment of Substance Use Disorders and chronic pain management.

1-855-337-MACS (6227)

Services include:

  • Providing free phone consultation for clinical questions, resources, or referral information
  • Offering education and training opportunities related to substance use disorders and chronic pain management
  • Assisting in the identification of addiction and behavioral health resources that meet the needs of the patients in your community

Upcoming MACS Training:

MACS Webinar Series

Office Based Opioid Addiction Treatment: ​​​​​I got my waiver, now what?

Watch recorded webinar 

Download Slides: Office Based Opioid Addiction Treatment: ​​​​​I got my waiver, now what?

Save the date: April 16, 2019, 12-1 pm (Details and registration coming soon)

NEW Article:

Primary Care for Persons Who Inject Drugs

MACS Consultant, Aaron Greenblatt, is an author of this article published in American Family Physician, January 15, 2019, Volume 99, Number 2.

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